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Robert D. Gleason

Email: robert@rgleasonins.com

Robert D. Gleason, “Bob”, is the principal of Gleason Insurance LLC. Bob began working in the insurance industry in 1982 where he held a sales representative position with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. In 1997 Bob was promoted to Senior Sales Representative and in 2000 was promoted to Executive Sales Representative. Bob was inducted into the Liberty Mutual Sales Hall of Fame in 2006 for his career achievements. In 2007 Bob left Liberty Mutual to open Gleason Insurance LLC. His focus today is to manage Gleason Insurance and provide its customers with the best possible products and service at the lowest possible rates.

Kelly Gleason

Email: kelly@rgleasonins.com

Kelly joined Gleason Insurance in 2009 as an agent. She has over 15 year’s sales experience in the Banking, Mortgage, & Real Estate industry; she added Health, Property, & Casualty Insurance to her portfolio of services in 2009.  Kelly’s focus is on educating her customers and providing them the best insurance package that fits their personal needs. Her goal is to build life‐time relationships with her clients, and to find them the best possible policy with the lowest possible rates.

Greg Spearman

Email: greg@rgleasonins.com

Greg has over 30 years of experience in the auto, home, and life insurance industry. He started his career in 1978 with Liberty Mutual as a sales manager. He was in management for half of his career and in personal production for the other half. Greg joined the Gleason Insurance team in 2010 and is looking forward to serving his customers in the Denver Colorado area by shopping customers’ insurance with multiple carriers to find the best possible product at the lowest rate.

Edwin Woolf

Email: eawoolf@sbcglobal.net

Edwin Woolf is a licensed agent with Gleason Insurance LLC. Edwin started his insurance career with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in 1984. Over the past 27 years Edwin has worked at several different companies and started his own life and health agency in 2002. Edwin joined Gleason Insurance in 2009 as a specialist in group benefits for both life insurance and property and casualty insurance. Edwin’s focus today is working with these groups to provide various insurance benefits to the members.

claire hillman, gleason insurance, phoenix arizona, auto, home, life

Claire Hillman

Email: claire@rgleasonins.com

Claire started her career in 1995 with Liberty Mutual as an insurance agent. She joined the Gleason Insurance team in 2013 and is looking forward to serving her customers in Arizona by shopping customers’ insurance with multiple carriers to find the best possible product at the lowest rate.

bob helton, dallas, insurance, independent, life, health, auto, gleason,

Bob Helton

Email: bhelton@rgleasonins.com

Bob Helton has been helping customers with their home, auto and life insurance needs since 1980. He was with Liberty Mutual for 27 years as both Sales Representative and Sales Manager. During this time, he received numerous sales recognition awards. Bob became an independent insurance agent in 2007 in order to have more options to better meet the needs of customers. He recently joined the Gleason Insurance team and is looking forward to serving customers in Collin County and the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Bob’s goal is to provide the customer with the best coverage and value at the lowest possible rates.

Cody Gleason

Email: cody@rgleasonins.com

Cody Gleason is a licensed insurance agent with a rich background in business management and marketing strategies of the 21st century. With his finger on the pulse of the past, present, and future of technology, Cody is constantly aiming to make his clients’ experiences more pleasant and efficient. He understands that, while personal service is of the utmost importance, his customers have busy schedules and deserve quick, reliable service. In addition, Cody loves a challenge and enjoys helping his customers find answers to their questions. He has always been a creative problem-solver, and likes the thrill of finding answers and sharing results in a fast-paced environment. His goal is to learn something everyday, because learning creates solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

randy hurst, gleason insurance, auto, home, life, insurance, arkansas, little rock

Randy Hurst

Email: randy@rgleasonins.com

Randy recently joined Gleason Insurance after working as an agent and sales manager in the insurance industry since 1977. His goals are not only to provide the products his clients need, but also provide the service they deserve. Randy believes that, by approaching each situation objectively, he can help his clients understand their situations better and make the best decisions possible.

Scotty Gaddis

Email: scotty@rgleasonins.com

Born and raised in Little Rock, Scotty Gaddis joined Gleason Insurance in 2015. With a degree in Marketing from UALR, Scotty understands his customers’ needs and how they deserve to be treated. His goal is to gain his customers’ trust and earn their friendship, and is dedicated to being available whenever they need him. “I understand insurance can be confusing, so think of me as a source of answers during times of difficulty or confusion!”

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